The importance of keeping on top of evaporative air conditioning servicing

We strongly believe in preventive maintenance
Pad change over needed after carrying out evaporative air conditioner service in Perth.
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November 2019
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This weeks evaporative air conditioning service Perth. This weeks customer in Toodyay has carried out many DIY jobs on his evaporative air conditioning.

We was asked to carry out an air con service due to unit not cooling efficiently and customer reported that no water was coming in to the unit when running in cooling mode.
And it was also reported that over the last couple of years when running water had been flowing down the roof in to the gutter.
Upon carrying out the air con service there were signs that the air con needed some much needed tlc.

The evaporative pads broke away once touched and had noticeable mould build up due to not be replaced possibly since the unit was installed 7 years ago.
Its is massively underestimated the importance of regularly changing evaporative air conditioning parts and cleaning out the air con.

Pads overtime due to be being saturated in water when being used in the summer months begin to get mould build up and calcium build up that sits in the internal parts of the pads.
Once the evaporative air conditioner is running in cool mode. Air is brought in to the unit from outside, through the pads and blown directly in to the property below. In most cases blowing bacteria built up in to the pads straight in to the rooms below.
This is the air you are breathing on a daily basis.

This also relates to the importance of water management within the air con system. Correctly operating water management systems helps keep the water fresh inside the evaporative air conditioning and keep the unit working efficiently and keep water costs down to as minimal as possible.

Also over the winter months, the evaporative air conditioner is sat un used and exposed to the harsh winter environment. This becomes a perfect place for insects and spiders to set up home and thrive. Who wants to switch on there AC at the start of summer and have a Red Back spider blown straight in to there living space?

There are winter covers available which will protect you air con.

Here at Global Cool Air we recommend to service you evaporative air conditioner once a year. Ideally before summer start up.
This gives us the chance to clean out and debris or unwanted creatures that may have set up home during winter.

We strongly believe in preventive maintenance and if your evaporative air conditioner is kept clean and serviced on a regular basis there is no reason for the service to be costing you very much each year.
We regularly see customers that don't want to be spending up to and over $1000 to repair there air conditioner but who also tell us no one has touched there AC in 10 years.

On the flip side of that we also have our regular customers who service there AC on a yearly basis and have very little out of pocket expense.

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