Service on a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner

Increasing energy usage efficiency
Reverse cycle ducted cooling problems. Sometimes a simple and cheap fix saves a more costly fix in the future and saves on energy 
Month/Year of job
December 2019
Client suburb
South of the river
Client Testimonial

Need advice on air conditioners?
This weeks reverse cycle air conditioning job in Southern River for another new customer of ours.

Our customer made contact with us this week after noticing air conditioner was not as efficient as it used to be and energy usage and costs had sky rocketed in the last few months which they suspected was due to air conditioner usage.

Once we arrived at the property one of the first things we checked as always was the return air filter on the air conditioner. This is usually located in rear passageway and looks somewhat like a large egg crate type grill in the ceiling.

As you can see from the picture above the filter on the right is very dirty, and clogged up with lots of dust from years of usage and never being replaced.

A lot of people will ask. Why does this matter ? The filter is doing its job surely ? That is correct.
But the filter being in this condition is causing the air conditioner and yourself and family many problems.

1. They say you are the air that you breath. Dirty air conditioner filters cause allergen build ups.
People suffering from Asthma and other allergies can be effected by mould build up etc.

2. Freezing up on air conditioner pipe work, due to restriction of air flo. This can eventually freeze important parts of the unit causing damage and leading to costly repairs.

3. Reduced efficiency. Air conditioners are installed with thermostats to measure temperature differences to cool the home efficiently. Dirty filters lead to these temperatures being measured incorrectly and air conditioner working harder and longer to cool the home leading to higher running costs.

Dirty air filters are a very common problem on all different air conditioners in and around your home or business.
These can easily be cleaned on a monthly basis or replaced with a simple change out of the filter material and will keep the air conditioner unit running to its full potential.

The costs are very minimal to change the filter compared to expensive costs of replacement compressor or evaporator coil damage.

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