Panasonic Air Conditioner With NANO G Technology And WIFI Adaptor

Another installation for a very happy client

We installed a split system air conditioner (3.5KW Panasonic) for our customer in Edgewater and what a perfect system this is.
There are many quality air conditioners on the market and Panasonic are right up there with the very best.
Panasonic split system air conditioners are one of the quietest units available and perfect for any household.

One thing that makes Panasonic really stand out for the family home is there Nano G Technology which is a air purifying and filtering system which is second to none.

Using nano technology trillions of fine particles are released by the air conditioner which de activate air borne bacteria and virus in the indoor filter giving you clean air leaving you with a healthier home.

If any of your family suffer from Asthma, allergies or hay fever then this unit could be the perfect unit to help bring healthier air to your home.

This unit also comes with Econavi. This uses a smart human sensor built in to the indoor unit.
This technology monitors human movement, locations and absence and automatically adjusts to save energy.

With this unit very well priced against other leading brands on the market it is well worth consideration.

As you can see from above picture the Panasonic unit is available with wifi adaptor ( sold separately ) This is easily added to reverse cycle air conditioner and gives you full control of the split system via your I phone, Android or other home devices.

The new model of Panasonic also comes with R32 Refrigerant. R32 is an alternative to R410A refrigerant with very similar performance and up to 60% reduced GWP.

The benefits of R32 are: Zero ozone depletion, 1/3 GWP of HFC 410A, Energy efficiency, Low pressure drops, Low toxicity and very ready available.

In todays day where Climate change is a massive public agenda this is another perfect reason for R32 to be used for air conditioning systems.

So with Nano G Technology, full wifi capability and the latest refrigerant available there isn’t much not to like about this system. Readily available for install.

Call us today for any questions or queries you may have regarding the Panasonic R32 split system and we can get this added to your family home.

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