How Often Do Air Conditioners Need Servicing?

As an owner of a bike or car, or any vehicle it is your job to have a professional give it a check over regularly to keep it running. This is the case with your air conditioner too, whatever type or aircon brand you have. When you do not have a regular air conditioning servicing frequency it gets dusty, different parts like the filters, fans and coils have a build-up of dirt and it affects how it works and decreases its lifespan. This also means high energy bills as you find your room just isn’t as cool as it used to be! Here is a complete guide on air conditioning servicing, how often to service aircon, what types, costs, AC maintenance and more.

How often do air conditioners need servicing?

When looking at how often do air conditioners need servicing, in most cases the recommendation from air conditioning experts, is 12 months. Air conditioning servicing frequency is essential to keep your system in peak condition so it works efficiently and has a good lifespan. This rule applies whether you have a top notch brand, such as a Fujitsu air conditioner or lesser known and cheaper brand. The best time of year to have your a c maintenance scheduled, if you just have a cooling unit, is sometime in spring so that it is all set and ready for the more needed hotter summer months. If it is also a heating system then you would be best to have air conditioning system maintenance scheduled for twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn, before the colder winter months hit.

There are factors that impact how often to service aircon to also consider. How much do you use it? If it is on all the time, all year round then maybe you need to have at least two in the year, that is something you could talk to with the people you call in. Together you can set up a plan that meets your particular needs. How often should an aircon be cleaned depends on how often you have it serviced. A professional will carry out a cleaning as part of the servicing but there are some things you can do in how often should you clean aircon which we will explore later.

Is it really necessary to service your AC every year?

Is it necessary to service ac every year

You might be wondering is annual air conditioner maintenance necessary or is that just a push from professionals to get more work. Manufacturers, as well as professional air conditioner technicians, will advise on servicing. Here are some reasons why;

  • When an air conditioner is too dirty the parts stop working properly and it lowers how effectively it cools your home. Servicing and cleaning regularly keeps it working like new.
  • When considering do air conditioners need servicing it is worth noting that regular servicing also extends the life of the AC system so you reach or even surpass the 10 to 15 year estimate.
  • When a system is struggling to work it uses more power and that is more money you are having to pay on your energy bills.
  • As well as saving money on energy bills, research has proven that air conditioners that do not have a regular service become more expensive in terms of repairs too.
  • Air conditioning units can improve the air quality inside your home as it filters smoke, odours, mites and fine particles, so you and your family suffer less with allergies, breathing problems, skin problems and such.
  • Is annual air conditioner maintenance necessary? Yes, regular maintenance means the expert detects small repairs and that saves you money before those issues turn into larger and more expensive concerns.
  • It keeps you cool and comfortable on hot days and when it is not maintained you are left feeling hotter, more irritable and your discomfort levels rise.

Is it necessary to service ac every year? For all the reasons above and more, yes!

5 DIY tips on how to service an aircon

how to service an aircon

Here are some easy-to-follow steps on cleaning and how to service an aircon.

  1. Check and clean your filters regularly.
  2. You can replace the filters yourself and how often should an aircon be cleaned depends on your usage. If you have allergies, live somewhere quite dusty or have pets then you should likely change the filters every couple of months. If you do not have those and you have low use, then it could go every 4 to 6 months. Check the instruction manual to get the right type.
  3. Clean the outside unit and remove debris, leaves and such.
  4. Clean the vents inside. A lack of cleaning is one of the main reasons for an AC to drop in efficiency.
  5. You can also take the time to inspect your pipes for any damage, while you cannot handle repairs you can visually check them from time to time.

When looking at how to service an aircon your best step is to bring in the experts. They have the experience, skills and knowledge to get it done properly.

Air conditioning service cost

Air conditioner service cost

When you are considering air conditioner service cost a rough range is $75 to $325. The reason for this wide range is that there are a number of factors that affect that figure. Some of those factors to consider include;

● The service company you choose to go to
● Whether you opt for an extensive service or something basic
● The type of air conditioning system you have, how many units it has if it is split air conditioning
● How many components there are to handle, the longer the job, the more the service costs
● How well it is cleaned and maintained already – a system that is well looked after and regularly will likely have a lower air conditioner service cost than one that is not
● AC maintenance cost is also impacted by whether ducts need cleaning
● Home ac maintenance cost is also affected by whether parts need replacing and minor repairs made

Split system air conditioning service

Split system service - Split AC service

Split system air conditioners are very popular across Australia today. It is the type of system that has a unit outside and then one or more units inside. They are easy to install because they do not need ductwork and they are quiet and efficient. They are particularly popular with those that live in smaller homes or apartments. A split air system air conditioner service is easier in the sense that there are no ducts to explore and clean. The inside unit has components like a fan, remote signal receiver, filter and heat exchange coil that need expertise in split AC service. The outside unit has the circuit board, propeller fan, compressor and heat exchange coil that requires split system service.

How often should a split system air conditioner be serviced?

When looking specifically at how often should you service a split system air conditioner then the answer is still once a year. If you have more than one indoor unit some people choose to rotate which indoor units get their service if the cost of having them all done at once is too much. Poorly maintained split air conditions do not work as well and do not cool as well so then start using more energy and are more likely to break down sooner as a result. So if you are wondering do split system air conditioners need servicing, then yes they do.

Telling signs your split system needs a service

Signs that you do need to service split system air conditioners include;

  • If there is a reduction in the airflow coming from your split AC unit
  • Do split systems need servicing is a yes if you find it is blowing out hot air and not cold
  • You find your energy bills have gone up
  • You notice more moisture or leaks around the unit
  • It starts making odd noises, gets overly loud or you start smelling something bad

Now let’s look at how to service split system aircon.

What’s Involved With a Split System Air Conditioning Service?
When looking at how to service a split system, the important thing is to have a professional do it for you. A service might look something like this;

  • Clean and deodorize filters on the inside unit, possibly replace them
  • Check the thermostats
  • Clean the coils
  • How to service a split system air conditioner includes checking the evaporator drain and the drain valve
  • Check the remote control if the air conditioner symbols work
  • Inspect the outside unit and clean it
  • Remove obstructions from the condenser fan
  • Check, flush and clean the coils
  • Look at the air conditioner refrigerant levels
  • Replace pipe insulation if it is needed

How to service a fujitsu split system or any split air con is something any professional company can handle.

How Much Does a Split System Service Cost?

When looking at split AC maintenance cost you are looking at estimates that will likely fall between $70 to $240. Factors that impact the cost of the service include;

● Where you live
● The company you choose to service your AC
● How long the job takes
● The model and its age
● How often it has been serviced in the past
● Whether you clean it yourself in between servicing
● How many units you have

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Ducted air conditioning service

ducted aircon service - ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service

As its name indicates, ducted air conditioning uses a series of metal networks or ducts through the home in the ceilings and walls to move warm and cold air around the home or workplace. A ducted air conditioning service would include inspecting those ducts as well as the system. Having this type of system installed in your home if you do not already have the ducted system is harder, more involved and more costly which is why some chose a different system when it comes down to the choice. But despite this it has its advantages, it is great for airflow, improving humidity, you get temperature control in every room and it can work with smart devices and smart wiring. Here is a closer look at ducted reverse cycle air conditioning service data.

How often should a ducted air conditioner be serviced?

When looking at does ducted aircon need servicing, the amount of time is again every 12 months by a qualified and experienced technician. Maintaining your air conditioner is important to have a system that keeps functioning and is efficient. With ducted air conditioning there are not just the components to check and the electrical wiring, there are the duct connections, drains, oil levels, and all the other equipment too. When you do not have an annual ducted air conditioning service you might see things like;

  • Water damage in the ceiling from a blocked and overflowing condensate drain
  • Fan blades can rust or corrode if you do not look into how often to service ducted heating
  • Blocked filters can lead to the air conditioner leaking water through the ducting.
  • Ducts can be damaged leading to a loss in heating or cooling efficiency
  • Bacteria and mould in air conditioners could build up on the fan blades

When considering does ducted heating need servicing, you can avoid the above issues and have your system last longer with a service at least once a year.

What’s involved with a ducted air conditioning service?

A ducted aircon service will look something like the following;

  • Cleaning the filters and replacing those that need it
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Carrying out air temperature checks
  • Service reminders depending on the model so you know when the next service is due
  • If a zoning system is installed then those components are checked

How much does a ducted aircon service cost?

Ducted air conditioning is a big job to install and ducted aircon service cost is, in general, more than other systems because of the longer length of time it takes with all the ducts involved. An hourly rate average ranges between $55 to $80. Factors that affect the price include;

  • The type of system you have, standard or reversed as well as the model
  • The size of the building and the system and how many ducts and vents there are
  • Where you live
  • What company you use
  • Whether you need any additional services or repairs included
  • How old the system is and how well used it is
  • How often it has been maintained and cleaned in the past

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Evaporative cooling service

evaporative air conditioning service - do evaporative coolers need servicing

When looking for a cooling system only for your home or business that is cost-effective and has less of an impact on the environment, some people choose to have an evaporative cooling system. An evaporative air conditioning service should only ever be done by an expert. Conventional air cons work by taking the air in your home and moving it through a fan coil to cool then sending it back into the home. Homeowners have to keep doors and windows closed when they have the air con on so the cold air does not escape.

Evaporative cooling works differently. It draws in the warm air outside and cools it with evaporating water in a cooling unit on the roof. That is connected to ducts around the building and sent into each room with the ductwork. Unlike with other systems, you can have windows and doors open at the same time. Evaporative cooling service times tend to be longer again as with ducted air conditioning because there tends to be a larger system to deal with.

How often should an evaporative cooling system be serviced?

Do evaporative coolers need servicing too? Yes, they do. There isn’t a system out there that doesn’t benefit from cleaning and maintenance from people who know what they are doing. Having an evaporative cooling system is great but to keep yourself cool in Australia’s summers it needs to be up to date with its maintenance and servicing. The general recommendation is every two years, but if you are using it heavily or it is getting old it might need it annually. It depends on its size too, the model and the condition it is in. How to service an evaporative air conditioner is something only a hired technician should have to know. They can also advise you whether a yearly service is best or every two years is okay.

What’s involved with an evaporative cooling service?

With this kind of AC maintenance, an evaporative cooling service might include;

  • Full cleaning including pumps, motors, circuit boards, filters and descaling
  • Taking care of the drain valve
  • Inspecting the water level and belt tension
  • Changing filter pads if needed
  • Making sure those pads are uniformly wet and remain so
  • Making sure the pump is working properly
  • Inspecting and repairing ductwork

A person who is not an expert in evaporative cooling systems should not attempt to open it up.

How much does an evaporative cooling service cost?

The average evaporative cooling service price lands between $150 to $300, though if there are more parts to repair it could go to $500. Things that impact that price include;

  • The type of evaporative cooling system you have
  • The size of the building and the system and how many ducts there are
  • The location of the building
  • Air conditioner service cost varies depending on what company you use
  • Whether you need any additional services or repairs included
  • How old the systems is and how well used it is
  • How often it has been maintained and cleaned in the past

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Final Advice

So do air conditioners need servicing, yes they do. Is it necessary to service ac every year, in most cases yes. If you have an old unit that keeps breaking down, you spot more water than usual, your energy bills are up, the unit is louder or you are not getting the same cooling as you are used to, then you need to call an expert in servicing air conditions like Global Cool Air. Give them a call today and see what they can do for you!