AirTouch 5: The Latest Smart Aircon Controller

Try using AirTouch 5 if you are looking for a smart aircon controller that can control two different air conditioning units and up to 16 individual zones, integrated for mobile and tablet, it reduces your energy consumption, enhances the value of your home, and efficiently manages your comfort.

AirTouch offers wireless temperature sensors that can monitor temperatures in all areas, helping you maintain a consistent temperature without wasting conditioned air. This leads to increased comfort, savings, and more control. Using more sensors can further enhance these benefits. For more information, keep reading.

Smart and Stylish

Polyaire has launched AirTouch 5, a smart air conditioning controller with a sleek interface design and innovative features. This product allows homeowners to effectively manage and reduce energy consumption when cooling their homes.

AirTouch 5 can control 16 ducted or VRF units and 16 zones and serve as a hub for other smart home devices.

The goal was not to simply create a touch screen with WiFi connectivity and call it smart. The objective was to design a wifi air conditioner controller that would be desirable to homeowners as it not only had a sleek appearance but also provided actual energy-saving benefits for regulating your home’s air conditioning.

AirTouch provides temperature sensors that operate wirelessly, allowing for monitoring temperatures in every area. This data can be used to maintain the set point without needlessly using conditioned air, resulting in increased savings, comfort, and control. Using more sensors will increase these benefits even further.

AirTouch is a suitable choice for multi-storey buildings because the interface enables control of multiple units from various consoles on different floors and through any user’s Android or iOS smartphone.

AirTouch 5, which has set a new standard in smart home control, can be integrated with most leading ducted reverse cycle air conditioning brands. This means it can add value to almost any new or existing home.

How AirTouch 5 Works

You already have the remote control in your pocket. AirTouch 5 allows you to control your air conditioning system remotely to adjust your comfort level no matter where you are. It includes geofencing, ensuring you don’t forget to turn off your air conditioning when you leave home and waste energy. With home temperature alerts on your phone, you’ll never come home to an overheated or overly cold house again.

The AirTouch 5 is a smart air conditioning controller capable of managing temperatures and airflow in up to 16 zones and two independent AC units. It is compatible with leading air conditioning brands and can be controlled using a touch screen, mobile device, or tablet through WiFi or the internet.

The AirTouch 5 is a smart air conditioning controller that helps you create a comfortable home with the right temperature and place at the right time. It also prioritises energy efficiency, smart design, and ease of use. With AirTouch, you don’t just get cooling or heating but also an entire lifestyle experience.

The new console is 20.3 cm (8 in) and has a high-definition touchscreen. The display is brighter and bolder, with a slider at the bottom for adjusting the temperature and airflow.

The Benefits AirTouch 5 Can Offer

Air Touch 5 - Smart Aircon Controller

The advantage of upgrading your air conditioning to smart control is that you can enjoy greater comfort, energy efficiency, more control with a touch screen and app, and other useful smart features like home temperature alerts, energy monitoring, easier ways to set the timer and more.

Interact With Your Home Tailored to Your Preferences

AirTouch is compatible with various control methods, such as a smartphone app, wall console, switch, or voice control. Regardless of how you prefer to operate your smart home, AirTouch will be able to comply.

Choose a Customised Smart Controller

AirTouch 5 comes with a customisable controller that can match your home decor. It is a smart controller designed to work harmoniously with your living space.

Alert Feature from Your Smart Air Conditioner

One of the great things about AirTouch is its home temperature alerts feature. If your home becomes too warm or cold, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone prompting you to turn on the air conditioning so that your home can be comfortable when you arrive.


Why have a single air conditioning system for the entire house? AirTouch allows you to control the air conditioning in specific rooms, making it more energy-efficient, comfortable, and under your control.

New Intelligent Temperature Sensors

Do you need better temperature control in certain parts of your house? AirTouch offers Intelligent Temperature Sensor (ITS) technology that can monitor the temperature in every room, not just one area. By installing an Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensor, the airflow will be adjusted automatically to match your desired temperature. These sensors are handy for rooms facing west or upstairs and heat up quicker than other house areas.


AirTouch has introduced geofencing control for air conditioning, raising home automation standards. With this feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not forget to turn off the air conditioner when you leave, as it will turn off automatically. Additionally, it can turn on automatically when you return home.

Keep Track of Your Energy Usage and Monitor It

AirTouch 5 is a smart home hub that helps you monitor the energy usage of your air conditioning system. It offers an easy and enjoyable way to track the energy consumption of heating or cooling your home.

AirTouch offers a solution to help you save money on your power bill while maintaining your desired comfort level at home. Their smart energy and airflow management system enables zone control and run time tracking, increasing your air conditioning system’s efficiency.

Comfort & Efficiency In The Tip Of Your Hands

AirTouch 5 provides increased comfort and improved control over your smart air conditioning.

Enhance your Air Conditioning

The AirTouch 5 can improve your home’s air conditioning performance, making it more comfortable and energy efficient. It has advanced temperature monitoring, an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, and enhanced airflow management.

More Capability

The AirTouch 5 allows you to control up to 16 zones using one or two AC units. This means you can heat or cool only the rooms you are using, resulting in increased comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency from your air conditioner.

Precise Control

With AirTouch 5, you can regulate air conditioning flow in each zone with a 5% precision. You can adjust the temperature settings from the touch screen on the wall or through any family member’s smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you can monitor the temperatures in each zone through the app or touch screen.

Compatible with All Leading Brands

With the AirTouch app, you can now control the temperature and airflow of each room separately from any location. The system will track temperatures and automatically adjust the airflow to ensure everyone’s comfort, allowing you to relax.

Hey Google, Activate the Air Conditioning

AirTouch’s latest update allows you to use voice commands through the Google Assistant App on your compatible smartphone or the Google Home Smart Speaker to control your air conditioning. This means you can easily cool down your home during the summer or warm it up during the winter by giving a quick voice command.

Available in IOS and Android

AirTouch is an excellent choice for multi-level buildings as it enables easy control of multiple units from different consoles located at various spots, such as upstairs and downstairs, or from any Android or iOS smartphone.

You can download the free AirTouch 5 app for iOS or Android to improve the functions of your device. The app includes all the controls on the AirTouch 5 device, such as individual zones, timers, favourites, temperature slider, mode, and fan speed settings.

The AirTouch App enables you to regulate your home’s temperature remotely. It lets you click on air conditioner symbols and switch on the climate control, adjust the fan speed, and specify the mode and temperature even when you are not home. This way, you can return to a cosy house.

The app has a useful home temperature alert feature that allows you to receive notifications if your home’s temperature becomes too warm or cold. This will prompt you to turn on the climate control before you leave for home.

Install The Latest Smart A/C Controller Now with Global Cool Air

The AirTouch 5 is a smart aircon controller that allows you to manage the temperatures and airflow throughout your home while saving energy. It has a beautiful interface design and many innovative features to help you monitor and save energy when air conditioning your home.

At Global Cool Air, not only offer affordable air conditioning installation services, but we can also equip your home with the latest AirTouch 5 – the leading smart controller for air conditioning. This 5th generation device boasts a new design and innovative features that help you monitor and reduce your home’s energy consumption. We provide all air conditioning systems, including commercial units compatible with your premises.

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