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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are Samsung air conditioners?
    When compared to other brands a Samsung air conditioner stands out because of its quality parts and great range of models to meet any need. Samsung is a huge manufacturer and has a proven record of good customer service. If you do need to connect there are various ways you can do so, including social media. They also offer powerful cooling for homes and businesses.
    How much are Samsung air conditioners?
    When you are looking at prices of just the systems not taking into account installation costs, the numbers vary depending on the size of the unit, the model and also whether it is a Samsung aircon split or ducted system. As a very general guide though you would see a price range for split systems of $750 to $3500 and for a ducted Samsung air conditioner system $1800 to $8000 or even more.
    How to install Samsung split system air conditioner?
    It is by far a better idea to have a professional company like ours install your Samsung aircon because of our skill and experience. Even if we are talking about the easier Samsung split system and not ducted it is still the best choice. There is less chance of damaging your home or the system and making sure it is put in correctly and works as efficiently as possible.
    How much does it cost to install a Samsung air conditioner?
    Again the cost of an installation of a system depends on whether it is a Samsung ducted air conditioning system or a split. It also depends on the size of the property and a few other factors. For a standard split system typically costs start at $450 and then go up depending various factors. This is on top of the cost of the system. Ducted is more because it involves putting ductwork around the home or business.
    How much is a Samsung air conditioner service?
    A typical Samsung air conditioner service in Perth will start at about $75 but could go up to $300 or more. Different aircon services charge different amounts and it depends on what service you have opted for, whether any small repairs are also needed, the size and type of unit, how many components are involved, how difficult the job is and how well the system has been looked after.
    How to clean Samsung air conditioner filter?
    If a Samsung air conditioner requires an air filter replacement, it should be handled by a professional. Filters should be checked regularly to maintain efficiency, ideally every couple of months but 6 months at the longest. Also see the instructions in the manufacturers' aircon manual.