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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are Panasonic air conditioners?
    Panasonic offers top air conditioning systems that are reliable, safe and of high quality. A Panasonic air conditioning Perth can handle the hot summers and is engineered to give you efficient cooling every time. They are a leading world manufacturer and you can choose from a range of options. Something more affordable with fewer features but still great at cooling your space, all the way up to modern Panasonic aircon systems with all the bells and whistles!
    How much are Panasonic air conditioners?
    A Panasonic split system is going to cost you somewhere between $800 to $2500 for the air con and then additional charges for installation. The split system is easier to install so the costs of that will be lower. A Panasonic ducted air conditioning costs more, it ranges from $1700 to $4700 and is harder to install after the home is already built so the cost of installation is more.
    How to install a Panasonic split system air conditioner?
    There are some great reasons to choose a Panasonic split system over other options, they are effective, fit in even small spaces, there is less disruption during the installations and it is cheaper to buy and install. But that does not mean it is okay to install it yourself over having our experts take care of it. We do it correctly, there is less chance of something going wrong and we can make sure it is positioned properly.
    How much to install a Panasonic air conditioner?
    Installing a split system air con unit in Perth starts at about $450 (that is for the installation only not the system as well). However other factors can make that price go up, installing several split indoor sections, the size of the home, and so on. When it comes to installing Panasonic ducted air conditioning the cost is more because this is a lot more involves and harder. If the house or office is already built and you are putting in ducted air conditioning it takes large renovation work. That takes longer too which pushes it up.
    How much is a Panasonic air conditioner service?
    When you are considering a Panasonic aircon service Perth with Global Cool Air the cost ranges from $75 to $325 spending on the type of system and a number of other factors. These include whether you are going for a basic service or something more extensive, how many units you have, how old the system is, how many components it is made up of, how well it has been looked after and kept clean and whether any small repairs are needed too.
    How to clean a Panasonic air conditioner filter?
    A blocked filter is one of the more common issues that impact how effectively a system cools. It is important to clean the filters when they need it, you can do this yourself or call someone in as part of a service. You can also have a professional do an Actron air filter replacement when the filter is at the end of its lifespan.