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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How good are Mitsubishi air conditioners?
    When you choose a Mitsubishi air conditioner you are getting a very good system from a known and trusted brand. Are you struggling with high energy bills with your current system? Tired of having to spend money all the time on repairs? Looking to update to something reliable and efficient? Then Mitsubishi systems with Global Cool Air to offer Mitsubishi aircon service Perth is your answer.
    How much are Mitsubishi air conditioners?
    When you are looking at the prices of any Mitsubishi aircon system some factors have an impact on the numbers. For example, how large your office building or home is, split tends to be more affordable than duct, how easy the system is to install and so on. As a rough guide though you could spend $800 to $3000 on a split system and $1000 to $7000 on Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning.
    How to install a Mitsubishi split system air conditioner?
    It is not a good idea to install your Mitsubishi split system yourself. There are several reasons for this but the main ones are you need to put it in the best position for efficient and successful cooling which a professional is best to judge, they are also best for installing it securely without damaging anything and it will operate safely.
    How much to install a Mitsubishi air conditioner?
    When it comes to installing Mitsubishi air conditioning, Perth you can expect split system costs to start at $450 (that does not include the cost of the system itself) and then that goes up the larger the house or office. Duct systems cost more to install especially if it is done when the building is already built. That can start at $650.
    How much is a Mitsubishi air conditioner service?
    Servicing costs are again dependent on the size of the system, as well as its age and other factors such as where you live, how long it takes, the model and what they find when they start. Roughly the cost of a Mitsubishi air conditioner service Perth fall between $70 and $240.
    How to clean a Mitsubishi air conditioner filter?
    Cleaning an AC filter is best done with a Quick Clean kit you can get with your purchase of the system. Cleaning should ideally be done every couple of weeks and the air filter every three months. Dirty filters are important to clean as it has a big impact on their efficiency when cooling. It also is the best way to see if an Actron air filter replacement is required using a professional to do so.