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Are you thinking of upgrading to a modern LG air conditioner? Or, maybe you're wondering when and how often to service your conditioner? Something you should do every spring before it’s time to run it heavily every day. Or, perhaps your air conditioner just doesn’t seem to be performing that well, or your power bill is just a little higher than it should be?

Well, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free consultation. We can give you a quote based specifically on your home, location and air-conditioning unit model, and this information won’t cost you a penny! Don’t wait until it’s too late, and you find yourself in July with no relief in sight. Have Global Cool Air service your air conditioner or get it in top working order right now, and be sure that you will enjoy all of the pleasures of summer bustle having a place to cool down at the end of the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are LG air conditioners?
LG air-conditioners are fantastic. Being manufactured by a company specializing in consumer electronics, there is a unique focus on energy efficiency and simplification of mechanics where possible. This ensures a reduced probability of malfunction, while making them much easier to service for any professional who understands the technology.

LG air-conditioners are intelligent compared to most other models, being able to self-regulate and intelligently adjust their use of power and functionality based on environmental variables, failed to mention being very compatible with smart home devices.

How much do LG air conditioners cost?
Air conditioning prices  can vary wildly depending on the unit and the cost of installation, which in turn depends very much on your location and other factors. Therefore, it is literally impossible to answer this question in a succinct and direct way. However, if you contact us, we will give you a quote on a unit and installation at no cost for the initial consultation. If you aren’t sure about prices, we will be more than happy to inform you once we know a little bit about what you need and where you live!
How to install LG split system air conditioner?
In short, don’t do this. The installation of a split air conditioner system is extremely complicated, requiring modifications to the structure to run copper pipes, electrical wiring and cordoning off areas for machinery to be placed. Depending on the unit, this can require work being done across an entire structure, and in many places in Australia and elsewhere, it is illegal to do these modifications without the proper license.

While it is tempting to save money, and like everyone else in this country, you undoubtedly have a strong DIY attitude, this is absolutely something best handled by licensed, experienced professionals. It also helps that we here at Global Cool Air our insured, meaning that should anything actually go wrong, it’s not going to come out of your pocket to remedy the issue!

How much does LG air conditioner installation cost?
Not unlike the cost of the machines themselves, this isn’t something very easy to simply answer in a short time. However, in general, the installation of a standard split system in Perth, as a singular unit, starts around $450. The cost can increase depending on complexity of the system, size of the structure and model being installed. A host of other, unpredictable factors can also impact this. Once more, we highly recommend contacting us for a free evaluation”, where we can easily answer these questions based on a little information about your scenario.
How much is it to service and LG air conditioner?
This varies wildly depending on the company providing the service, the type of air conditioner, the structure in question as well as the manufacturer of said air-conditioning unit. Thus, once more, it is an excellent idea to contact us for a free quote, where based upon your unit, building and other issues, we can provide you with an accurate estimate. However, we pride ourselves in being the most affordable in purse and elsewhere, without sacrificing quality, so expect to walk away from our quote with a bigger smile than anyone else will ever instill.
How to clean the LG air conditioner filter?
If you are using a ducted system, there will be small filters in all of the intake vents in the house, which are generally removable and disposable. The air filter in the actual unit itself, however, is generally washable with a hose, but specialty filters may exist depending upon the units. Also depending upon the units, the filters may or may not be easily accessible without some level of disassembly.

For our trained professionals, this is a trivial task, but may be difficult or even dangerous for the layman to perform, so we highly recommend allowing our professionals to do this. However, your unit will come with documentation showing where the filter is and how to access it, and once the filter is removed, cleaning is extremely straightforward.