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Global Cool Air is able to help you with your Hitachi air conditioner Perth repair, replacement or installation. If you are unsure of whether a Hitachi split system or ducted system is right for you, we are happy to give you some advice. Call us today to get a free quote and take your details.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How good are Hitachi air conditioners?
    Hitachi air conditioners are a trusted brand that offers high-quality systems. Do you have high energy bills? Are you tired of spending money on repairs all the time? Are you looking to upgrade to something more reliable and efficient? Hitachi systems and Global Cool Air are the best choice for Hitachi aircon services in Perth.
    How much are Hitachi air conditioners?
    There are many factors that can impact the price of Hitachi aircon systems. Split systems are more cost-effective than ducted AC because they can be installed quickly and have a smaller footprint. A split system could cost $700-$3400, and Hitachi ducted air conditioning $900-$6000. Get in touch for a quote today!
    How to install a Hitachi split system air conditioner?
    Installing your Hitachi split system by yourself is not a good idea. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. The main reason being that you need to place it in the most efficient and effective position to cool it. A professional can also help install it safely and without causing any damage.
    How much to install a Hitachi air conditioner?
    Split system installation costs for Hitachi air conditioning Perth start at $450. The price goes up as the house or office gets larger. Installing a ducted system is usually more expensive, especially if the building has been built already. 
    How much is a Hitachi air conditioner service?
    The size and age of your system as well as the time it takes to complete, and the type of equipment they use, will all impact the cost of servicing. The cost of a Hitachi air conditioner repair Perth is approximately $70 to $240.
    How to clean a Hitachi air conditioner filter?
    A cleaning kit is the best way to clean an AC filter. This kit can be purchased with your system. The air filter should be cleaned every two weeks. It is important to clean dirty filters as they can have a significant impact on the cooling efficiency. A professional can also help you determine if an Hitachi air filter replacement needs to be done.