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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Fujitsu air conditioners?
As mentioned Fujitsu aircon systems are some of the best in the world. With a big brand name, you get some assurances in quality, customer service and experience in the industry. With Fujitsu, you get a range of sizes, types and styles and they continue to innovate and develop leading systems with leading-edge features. Most homes and businesses can find something they need from this brand.
How much are Fujitsu air conditioners?
The cost of choosing to have a Fujitsu aircon, Perth, depends on a number of factors. A split air conditioning system might cost anywhere from $800 to $3000. Ducted systems might cost between $1400 to $5000. These do not include the costs for installation. Other factors that might influence the price are how large the area you are cooling down is, whether you also want to heat, the size of the rooms and more!
How to install a Fujitsu split system air conditioner?
When it comes to the installation of any air conditioner it really is best to leave it to a professional like Global Cool Air. We have the experience with Fujitsu and all other leading market brands, we can properly measure up for ducted installations and make sure you get the kind of air conditioning that suits your needs. Trying to put in anything other than a portable system is risky and might impact how efficiently it cools and its lifespan.
How much to install a Fujitsu air conditioner?
Installing a split system air conditioner in Perth will cost you a starting figure of around $450. It can go up though depending on factors like the layout of your home or office, how many people use the space, how hard the installation is and so on. Ducted systems cost a lot more to install because it is a much more complicated process so talk to us for a quote.
How much is a Fujitsu air conditioner service?
Air conditioning needs regular services to keep it running well and extend its lifespan. It is recommended you have us come out and service your system once a year, and then twice a year if that system heats as well as cools. For a cooling check we like to service in the Spring or early Summer at the latest, and for the heating, we do a check in the Autumn or early Winter. Costs depend on the type of system, size, condition, whether repairs are required and so on but range between $75 and $325.
How to clean a Fujitsu air conditioner filter?
It is important to make sure you keep your filters cleaned and have a technician handle the Actron air filter replacement as needed. You can get kits that show you how to clean the filter, and you can look in the manual or you can have someone do it for you. Filters cleaning and changing are especially important if anyone has allergies.