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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a split system air conditioner?
    A split system air conditioner comprises of two parts. The indoor unit typically installed on the upper part of one of the walls. It ingests air from the room, then filters and cools it. The second part, the outdoor unit, is screwed or clamped to the ground so it cannot be moved easily. It comprises of a cooling compressor and a condenser component. Insulated tubes and pipes connect the two units through a hole in the wall. A reverse cycle split system air conditioner can produce both cold and hot air. Reverse cycle systems have the condenser in the inside unit. In basic terms, the cycle can be reversed from cold to hot air. This means the evaporator coil converts to a condenser coil, therefore producing hot air.
    How much do split system air conditioners cost?
    Prices for split system air conditioners can range from as low as $500 right up to $3,000 (not including installation). The price depends on a range of factors, such as the brand, capability to heat a room (reverse cycle), capacity & efficiency (energy rating) as well as features and functionalities such as timer capabilities, remote control via mobile app, air purification and dehumidification.
    How much to install split system air conditioner?
    The cost to install a split system air conditioner in Perth typically start from $450 for a standard unit (not including price of the air conditioner), however it can be more costly depending on a range of factors:
    • Brand, type and size of split system
    • Access, safety factors & where it’s being installed (easy access around the house vs apartment building with difficult access)
    • Amount of piping, ducting and cables needed
    • Electrical wiring of the home
    • The number of units to be installed (The more units you get installed, the lower the cost for installation per split system).
    In short, split aircon installation can range from $450 – 950.
    Split system air conditioning experts usually assess how many hours they require to do the job and the installation price is then calculated and quoted based on the hourly rate.
    To give you an accurate estimate it is best to contact us and we’ll be able to give you a quote on the spot after asking the right questions. 

    What size split system air conditioner for room size?
    Room size is the most important factor in determining what split aircon system size is required. Other factors to look at include insulation of the room/house, window quality & size (intensity of sunlight) ceiling height. Since it’s difficult to take these factors into consideration without physically assessing the place of installation, the table below intends to give you a rough idea on system size required based on the room size.

    For a room size between 3m2 (2m x 2m) up to 10m2 (3.16m x 3.16m)
    -> ❄️ 1.7kW to cool | ☀️ 3.2kW to heat
    For a room size between 10m2 (3.16m x 3.16m) to 20m2 (4.47m x 4.47m)
    -> ❄️ 2.6kW to cool | ☀️ 3.5kW to heat
    For a room size between 20m2 (4.47m x 4.47m) to 30m2 (5.47m x 5.47m)
    -> ❄️ 3.5kW to cool | ☀️ 4kW to heat
    For a room size between 30m2 (5.47m x 5.47m) to 40m2 (6.32m x 6.32m)
    -> ❄️ 5.5kW to cool | ☀️ 6.5kW to heat
    For a room size between 40m2 (6.32m x 6.32m) to 50m2 (7.01m x 7.01m)
    -> ❄️ 6.5kW to cool | ☀️ 7.5kW to heat

    How much does it cost to run a split system?
    The cost to run a split system air conditioner depends on several factors, including how often the system is being used, what temperature you run the aircon at, system size and insulation of your house.
    The cost to run a split system air conditioner is cheaper compared to a ducted air conditioning system because it’s a single unit designed to heat or cool a single room or a smaller dedicated area in your home whereas ducted air conditioning usually heats or cools a zone made up of a larger space like the living room or it can cover a couple of rooms that are next to each other.
    The size of a split system air conditioner required is largely dependent on the size of the room. You will risk higher cost to run a split system if the system capacity is too small for the room size, hence the importance to get the right size system installed.
    Cost to run a split system for cooling:
    Room Size Split System Size Cost/Hr at 21°C Cost/Hr at 24°C
    3-10m2 1.7kW $0.12/hr $0.07/hr
    10-20m2 2.6kW $0.15/hr $0.10/hr
    20-30m2 3.5kW $0.24/hr $0.18/hr
    30-40m2 5.5kW $0.37/hr $0.27/hr
    40-50m2 6.5kW $0.45/hr $0.33/hr