The Global Cool Air Conditioning Scholarship

Global Cool Air offers a $2,500 Scholarship for Bright Minds

On August 31 of every year, we award the Global Cool Air Conditioning Scholarship to one bright student.

In order to be considered for the Global Cool Air Conditioning Scholarship, you need to write a 900 word essay about the future of air conditioning. We are looking for your unique ideas of how the air conditioning sector will transform over the next 20 years. What innovations do you think will be developed in the future to make air conditioning more energy efficient? How will air conditioning be part of the new smart home innovation? Will air conditioning be more affordable in the future?  In addition to your essay, we ask you to submit a min 2 minute video in which you will be talking about your ideas on the topic. Both your essay and video must be creative and original.

Students applying must be enrolled with a high school, college or University. This scholarship is not restricted to a particular country.

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is July 31 of each year.

Please send your essay and video to our email.

Winners will be contacted directly and it will also be shared on our social media pages.


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